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Meet Seth:

Seth’s journey began in the picturesque town of Binbrook, Ontario. From the very start, he exhibited an unwavering passion for music, a love that blossomed long before he could even articulate his thoughts. According to his parents, his earliest desire was to sing, a fervor that ignited a lifelong pursuit of musical excellence.

At the tender age of 10, Seth embarked on formal vocal lessons, an endeavor he fervently continues to this day, ceaselessly refining his craft. As he grew, he found his musical roots firmly entrenched in the classics, with idols such as George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams inspiring his soul. While he adores all genres of music, it’s New and Classic Country that truly sets his heart ablaze.

Beyond the realm of melodies and lyrics, Seth has an abiding affection for historical vehicles, transcending time and style. His vintage collection proudly boasts a 1964 International Harvester grain truck and a 1947 Mercury Monarch. And, with an insatiable appetite for the past, he eagerly anticipates expanding his classic car collection in the future.

As Team Seth, we’re eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share more of Seth’s journey with you. Stay tuned; exciting things await!